Arianna narrative structure

Less than two decades of the concept of “management and designing processes” in the world have passed, and despite its early entry into Iran, with the translation of the first book by the men of Hammer and Champa – we still can not find a clean and noticeable experience in this field. To prove this, we can mention the volume of defined management consultancy projects, the number of translated books, the number of specialized and knowledgeable experts, and … this area in Iran.
Where is the problem? Are the types of topics discussed in this section of management science not correlated with the problems and problems of Iranian organizations? Or that these concepts, like any other new topic, should be followed by the localization filter and have not passed yet !? In our view, the main reason for not addressing such concepts and tools in Iranian organizations is the inattention of one or all of the following in most of our businesses.
“Customer” as a freelancer
“Competition” as the only concept that can be used as a strong stimulus to flip us to improve the condition.
And the importance of product and service diversity, which encourages us to experience new unknown paths.
In our view, as long as our customers do not have the choice and to meet their needs by buying standard products and services from limited and state-controlled markets, concepts such as “engineering and re-designing processes” will not have much of a place for the Arabs.
It’s a place of happiness that the ice of this frustrating atmosphere in some businesses such as food, clothing, telecommunication, and the Internet … is melting, and the scale of the balance is gradually becoming heavier than the expected customer.

Ariana Management Consultants With such a view of process management, they try to improve the performance of organizations and move them towards excellence through the following projects:
Identification, mapping and compilation of processes
Routine Processes
Designing a structure based on processes and organization strategies

Some of our clients in the field of structure