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According to a survey conducted by Bain & Company, strategic planning among the 25 most effective management tools has been most used by companies around the world. On the other hand, according to the results of this research, companies using management tools have expressed their highest satisfaction with both strategic planning and market segmentation techniques. The evidence suggests that the concept of strategic management is still a hot topic for customers and applicants around the world. This is a thorough consideration that has lasted more than 50 years since the design of the strategic field of viewpoints, and in the meantime, many concepts, tools, and management modules have been designed and culminated, but with all this ups and downs The concept of strategy and its related tools is still considered by senior executives as an efficient way. The turbulent business environment changes, the growing difficulty of life expectancy for organizations, and their commitment to having an active and passive approach to analyzing trends and environmental trends, may be the only reason for the general use of this strategic planning tool.
Ariana’s Approach to Advancing Strategic Planning Projects
Ariana’s management consultants use the Action Learning approach to promote strategic planning projects. In this approach, a team consisting of consultants and experts of the organization will be involved in the development of the company’s strategies. Ariana Management Consultants identify the strategy of the company with the help of various analytical tools and then translate them into operational and follow-up levels with the help of the BSC.

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Strategic Planning in Private Organizations
Strategic Planning in Public Organizations
Compilation of balanced scorecard and strategy map
Strategic Planning in Holdings
Strategy streaming (Cascading)
Create a shared vision
Market segmentation and positioning
Create a shared vision
Growth planning in small companies
Evaluating the effectiveness and effectiveness of the strategy

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