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Human resources narrated by Ariana

The term “administrative management” in Iranian organizations has become obsolete and replaced by the harsh phrase “human resource management” for over ten years. During this period, we changed the titles of individuals and units, but we did not have the courage or courage to refine our mission, goals and processes.
While we are witnessing the continuing life of this unpleasant fact, which has been triggered by some under-alarming phenomena for some time.
A serious change in the age pyramid of the society and exposure to a spectrum of young people who underestimate the conditions, criteria, and equations governing the traditional organizations.
A large number of university graduates and increasing the possibility of employing scholarly staff in organizations
The high distance between the two generations of high-ranking managers of the organization and the new generation of undergraduate and executive bodies
Undoubtedly, the unpleasant picture for the public sector is not better if it’s not worse. Our government agencies, due to the objectivity of all or part of the following, do not provide a suitable work environment for today’s prestigious workforce.
Strong inflation of manpower compared to existing workload. This has a major impact on the integrity of the work.
Significant differences in the level of education of new employees with the older generations of the organization and the emergence of serious tensions between these two spectra
Complex and slow processes and the expectation of the role of newly created staff as only executive and not decision-makers
The inability to reconstruct excellent and good performances from moderate and weak samples due to the inefficiency of the methods and systems used
The impossibility of establishing a logical connection between the performance of employees and their salary and benefits.
High conditions remind us of the need to change the ruling paradigm. It is not too late that our human resources managers also need to be equipped with new tools in this field. It is clear that this field of management science also includes many tools and approaches that should be used depending on the needs.
The Ariana Management Consultancy Company, with an experience gained from the touch of the organization’s issues, has concluded that the following projects can help Iranian organizations to develop their human resources.
Designing Competency Model for Managers and Experts
Evaluation of key managers and experts using assessment and development centers
Design of employee performance evaluation system
An analysis of organizational culture

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