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The power industry in Iran has undergone a clear and uplifting path over the last few decades. At present, if we do not say that all technical knowledge on the production, transmission and distribution of electricity has been institutionalized in the country, and that the result of this process, Mubarak is also ranked first in Iran’s electricity industry in the region and 14th in the world.

A look at some of the major indicators at the end of 1396 indicates that the power industry of the country with an installed capacity of the power plant was about 79 thousand MW, more than 310 TEW (billion KWh) of electricity generation, which after the domestic consumption of power plants, The losses of the electricity transmission and distribution network, about 255 hectares per hour, were consumed within the country, with 34.8 million subscribers.

Despite the popular propositions, the country’s electricity industry faces some of the serious challenges from a practical and strategic point of view.

The average annual growth rate of 7 percent of consumption and electricity peak; this has led the country’s energy consumption index to be twice as high as the world average, and more than four times that of countries such as Germany and Japan.
Low efficiency and 37% thermal power plants.
۱۲ percent of the transmission and distribution network power losses.
The emission of more than 700 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt of electricity per hour (average carbon intensity in the world is 600 grams, which, according to the IAEA’s plans, should reach 200 grams by 2050).
The improvement of the strategic indicators mentioned above requires a change in the paradigm and the correction of the dominant attitudes towards electricity. Given the annual growth of 7 percent of consumption and peak time in the past 30 years, the power industry had to double its capacity (power plant, transmission and distribution network) every 10 years. This has led to the “paradigm of development” in the past three decades, the paradigm governing the country’s electricity industry. The final result of this paradigm is the relative neglect of the power industry from issues such as reduced power consumption, casualties, the development of new energies, reducing pollutants, and so on.

It seems that having a strategic look and focus on the following four strategic issues, the major part of the country’s electricity industry’s challenges can be resolved.

Completion of steam units of combined cycle power plants (with the aim of reducing the consumption of liquid fuel of power plants and improving their efficiency)
Renewable energy development (with the aim of reducing losses, reducing the consumption of liquid fuel from power plants and reducing the need for investment in the production and transmission sector)
Demand side management and improvement in power consumption (with the aim of reducing the need for development of country’s electricity infrastructure in the production and transmission sector)
Liquid flow correction and improvement of the economic mechanism of the country’s electricity industry

We at Ariana’s Management Advisory Company – with over 15 years of experience in developing a strategic plan, a significant part of which in the electricity industry – we are trying to study the latest trends in the world in the areas referred to and to carefully examine the current situation of the employer companies, the challenges Identify them and plan to fix them. The number of strategic review projects is a proof of the employers’ satisfaction with the plans and plans of the cities, indicating their continued cooperation with Ariana even after the end of the project.

Following is some of the most important services provided by Ariana’s management consultancy in the power industry. You can view the file for more information.

Development of strategic planning in manufacturing, regional and distribution companies
Strategic Planning and Design of Load Management Mechanism by Implementing Operational Storage Plan in Iran Power Network Management Company
Manage and redesign business processes
Implementing research projects on topics such as the economy of the electric power industry, intelligent grid, renewable energy and demand side management

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