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The evolution of technology has had a profound impact on many aspects of business, and it is obvious that the insurance industry has not been an exception in this transition. Nonetheless, global studies have shown that, from the perspective of customers, the insurance industry has not been sufficiently advanced along with the changes in the digital age.

This backwardness has created challenges for the insurance industry. On the other hand, having no strategy and entropy has reduced the profitability of companies in this industry.

Ariana Management Consultancy Co., with 5 years of experience working in this industry as the only consulting company specialized in the insurance industry in Iran, with deep knowledge that, in collaboration with companies such as Iran Insurance, D & R of this industry and its challenges, has specialized in The problems of the insurance industry, and with the tools of the world’s day management, it redesigns the strategy and business model of the company with the distinction of insurance aphids.

Ariana’s services in the insurance industry are as follows.

Identify and determine the strategic goals of the company
Streamline and promote the strategy
Recreating business models by division
Strategic Analysis of Financial Statements
Sales Network Analysis
The research findings of Ariana’s consulting firm in the insurance industry are as follows.

Study the trends affecting the insurance industry in 2017, based on the Capgemini report
Analysis of life insurance market in the world, Middle East and Iran with the aim of drawing and proposing a life insurance perspective in Iran 1414
Market Performance Analysis Sales Representatives of the State Insurance Industry
Economic analysis of the resources and expenditures of the fund for the provision of financial damages 1394
A Comparative Study of the Business Model and Strategies of Insurance Companies ERGO, Swiss Re and Loyds, and the Insurance Industry of Turkey and the UAE
Analysis of the country’s insurance market in 1393 and 1394
The analysis of the third-party car insurance market in 2014 and the forecast of the insurance industry’s performance in this field for 1394
The global insurance industry’s digitalization analyst, based on Bain’s latest survey
Global Risk Analysis Based on the World Economic Forum Report and its Impact on the Iranian Insurance Industry in 1394

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