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Ariana Management Consultancy Company has started its activities since 2001 with the participation of a group of graduates of Sharif University of Technology. We believe that the management consulting profession in Iran has not reached its potential, and one of the most important reasons for insufficient growth in this field of business is the “lack of recognition of the real needs of organizations from the definition and implementation of projects” and the “sensitivity of consultants” And employers in quality projects. “

Ariana Management Consulting Co., with due observance of the following principles, is trying to improve the dominant position in this profession and hopes to play an effective role in improving the status quo as one of the actors in this field.

Acceptance of the role and responsibility of facilitating projects

Most Iranian organizations from their advisory group are expecting to execute the projects from the beginning to the end, and they would like to have the full responsibility of the consultant on this route. In our opinion, this is due to two factors: “lack of faith in the subject of the project by the managers of the organizations” due to the obligation of the managers or the upstream organizations and “uncertainty about the internal staff.”

In our view, the role of a management consultant in a business firm should be limited to facilitating the project, and this is not the case unless the company managers feel the need for the project in question and use the time spent by their staff to advance it. Do not eat

We believe that our role in organizations is not the full implementation of the project as the “executor”, and their internal staff are themselves responsible for the implementation of the work, and our presence alongside them as facilitator, shortens the only path in time and our findings in experiments The previous one will be brought to them.

The exact definition of the problem with regard to the problem of the organization and the owner of the problem of the managers and staff of the organization

Ariana’s management consultants refrain from providing pre-written prescriptions to organizations, regardless of the type of problem, and believes that counseling in any organization should focus on the current problem, the amount of potential change acceptance, past records of efforts, and so on.

In our view, the best role of the advisor in the first phase is to transform the organization’s “problem” into an “issue” and secondly, “the owner of the problem” of the organization and its employees. In our opinion, the achievement of this important and creating this flow in the organization, solving the problem is not only difficult, but accepting subsequent changes as well as the origin of that body of the organization itself is much simpler.

Promote projects with the goal of gradually resolving the organization’s problems

One of the problems with the advancement of management consulting projects in organizations is the lack of understanding of the “transformation process”. Considering that in all of these projects the main theme of the “change” is, in the absence of a clear understanding of this important and its deterrent mechanisms, the consultation in practice faces serious challenges and ultimately leads to the failure of all efforts. Gets

In our view, problems in organizations have not been established over time and, therefore, their radical solutions require a continuous and continuous effort, and no sudden change can solve their short-term and permanent ones.

In order to do this, we believe that all aspects of the organization are not feasible within a project and in the short term, and the gradual and gradual development of the goals of each project contributes to the sustainability of the expected outcomes.

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